Freddy Olander grown up in Berlin, proves that with drive and ambition even a kid what was landlocked in the city can conquer the most difficult and biggest waves around the world. Specialised in 3 categories of Big Wave Surfing: “paddle in”, “tow in” and “driving the jetski”.

“For a city child like me, surfing was like liberation: I could finally escape from the confines of the concrete desert and into the vastness of nature and waves. Surfing enables me to forget everything else around me and to experience many emotions in one moment. When I ride, it is just me and the sea. You could compare it to a meditative state. That is the reason why I’ve been a passionate surfer for more than 20 years.”


Ready to ride with Freddy and support him with a targeted sponsorship package that you’ll develop together? What are the benefits of such a package to you? 

  • Big Wave Surfing is currently experiencing great media interest. Everyone is compelled by the spectacular images of surfers braving monster waves. 
  • With Freddy Olander, you have the exclusive opportunity of promoting one of the only successful big wave surfers in Germany and a charismatic personality at the same time.
  • Skilful positioning of your brand on Freddy’s equipment will provide your company with high visibility during his travels around the world. 
  • Freddy supplies you with professional communication material in the form of pictures and videos that you can integrate into your social media. In addition, Freddy himself has a large fan base and continuously posts updates on his trips on Instagram, YouTube, Linked In and his own website.